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Possessive Husband X Reader

Here’s everything you need to know about Possessive Husband X Reader. Find all the information it in this article.

I was very swoll with the infant gowing inside me. So far my pregnancy was fine. Sure had some bizarre craving like pickles with choco syrup however that was fantastic. (Bf/H/N) was such a sweetheart and helped me with something I requested him to assist me. We made a nursery room for our child only a plain one because we needed to have the baby’s gender as a suprise. I was simply standing within the nursery room checking so we now have every little thing there.

His eyes went broad he seemed up at me. I was ready for his response and was getting nervous he might say he doesn’t need the infant. And so (Bf/H/N) took me to the physician but when we arrived there the doctor wasn’t there he closed for today. So I advised (Bf/H/N) I buy some meds in the pharmacy. So I went to the pharmacy. I bought some meds and a pregnancy test.

My Peverted Brother- Jeon Jungkook Ff (complete)

He came working to me. “What is incorrect (Y/N)?” he aske me. “My water broke take me to the hospital please.” I mentioned. He took me bridal type and took me to the automobile. We drove to the hospital where they took me in to the room so I could give start. It was time to see if I was pregnant or not. I took the stick and looked at it.

||Finished|| Y/n has a tough previous and she or he now lives with the Mr.Jeon household as their babysitter…

My Peverted Brother- Jeon Jungkook Ff (complete)

I just wished to see if possibly that was the case of my illness this morning. I didn’t inform about the being pregnant check to (Bf/H/N). I took my meds if my sickness was food poisoning. I went to the bathroom and peed on the stick.

I was suprised to see it being optimistic. Sure me and (Bf/H/N) we did the deed a while ago however I did not expect it. We were contemplating having a child however this got here so quick. I went to the lounge have been (Bf/H/N) was. I sat down next to him on the sofa. He checked out me and noticed I was looking kinda uneasy.

My Peverted Brother- Jeon Jungkook Ff (complete)

It was a beautiful summer time day. I was feeling very sick, so I got up and ran to the lavatory. I started puking into the bathroom. Sometime after my Boyfriend/Husband (Bf/H/N) got here and held my hair and massaged my back. “Are you alright (Y/N)?” requested (Bf/H/N).

I made some sunny aspect up eggs with bacon while (Bf/H/N) made tea/coffee. We did our bussiness within the rest room. I was feeling nauseous once more. And once extra I needen to puke. “Well then there goes my breakfast” I thought. He seemed very involved about me. “Yeah possibly I should go see the physician.” I stated.

My Peverted Brother- Jeon Jungkook Ff (complete)

“Yeah I’m nice it must’ve been one thing I ate last night” I answered. I was due giving start the infant could come any second. I was simply laying on the sofa while (Bf/H/N) was doing a little chores. Suddenly I felt some wetness on my legs. I seemed down considering I peed myself, however no my water broke. I screamed for (Bf/H/N).

” So how is my pretty Gf/W doing?” he requested whereas hugging me from the back. I rotated and said “I’m fantastic and the child is too.” (Bf/H/N) looked at me and kissed me. We went to the kitchen to begin out doing our breakfast.