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Need To Propose To Seven Men What To Do

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# Time Skip Where the story in the novel skips a big amount of time within the novel. # Time Loop Where as a result of a characters or item/event in a narrative.

Cultivation refers back to the protagonist attempting to amass immortality and/or supreme power by the accumulation and usage of Qi. Xianxia Xianxia is fictional martial artwork stories where the primary objective of the population is cultivating to Immortality, seeking everlasting life and the pinnacle of strength. Xianxia tales options supernatural parts, influenced heavily by Chinese folklore/mythology. If the story does not point out the dao, odds are that it isn’t a Xianxia.

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It can also embrace leaping to the close to future or near previous but that every one is dependent upon the story putting emphasis. Typically, these supplies are used for healing and in cultivation. # Sword And Magic This tag is to solely be used if each the utilization of magic and swords are present throughout the novel. # Episodic This tag is for novels which have sections which could be thought-about an arc or episode. # Clever Protagonist This tag is used to outline a protagonist who may be very good, witty, and bright and might easily choose up new issues. # Body Swap Tag ought to ONLY be used if body swapping is a vital part of the story.

Body swapping is the act of switching out of your physique into anyone elses, every little thing aside from the physique comes with you when you change together with your reminiscences. # Beasts This tag must be used when there is a frequent use of beasts within the story that play a serious half, primarily when they are an clever risk to different races. # Adapted to Drama CD This tag is to be used ONLY if a drama CD has been launched based on the novel.


# Yandere A yandere is a person romantically obsessive about someone to the point of abnormality. They typically resort to manipulative or violent means to acquire the topic of their affection. # Twisted Personality The protagonist or different primary character has an unstable or “sick” mental state. Characters with twisted personalities are also recognized as insane, crazy, sadistic, “messed up,” or otherwise lacking normal morals. # Godly Powers Where the Main character or others within the story have powers which would possibly be so robust that they might rival gods.

This tag can be used if the protagonist is betrayed by someone previous to the story. This tag can additionally be used if the protagonist is the one who betrays. # Appearance Changes Tag is to be used when the principle protagonist experiences drastic look adjustments compared to how s/he was at the start of the story.

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The Main character returns to a earlier level of time to redo what he has already done. # Charming Protagonist This tag is to be used when the protagonist of a collection is proven to be an enthralling particular person, and if people actively get impacted by this charm. This tag is not to be confused with the Charismatic Protagonist tag. Harem A series involving one male character and many feminine characters . # Transported to Another World The protagonist of the story begins in one world till they are sent to another, typically through reincarnation or summoning. # Time Travel This tag is for use when the Main protagonist strikes from one period to a different.

# Manipulative Characters Tag is to be used ONLY when both the protagonist, or another plot important character manipulates people around them. This manipulation is extra of a psychological manipulation quite than manipulation by magic or some other such miraculous powers. # Appearance Different from Actual Age This tag is for use if the appearance of the protagonist ONLY is different from their precise age. This tag can be utilized to describe the protagonist of a cultivation novel who doesn’t age despite being very old, although it isn’t really helpful as it may possibly become a very generic tag. Best to make use of this tag only if the truth that the appearance is totally different from precise age is definitely used in the story. Please notice that the age mentioned is bodily age, and NOT psychological age.

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# Cunning Protagonist This tag is used to describe a protagonist who is very crafty. They usually schemes/plots all through the novel and rarely suffers a loss. Different from the Intelligent/Smart tags, the Cunning tag is for use when the schemes/plots typically trigger physical/mental hurt to opponents. It is really helpful to not use this tag together with the Strategist tag. # Cultivation This tag is to be used ideally just for Chinese novels.

These maybe employed by either the protagonist or by different important characters. Please don’t use this tag if solely one of the battles current in a sequence involve such intelligence-based strategies. # Multiple Timelines This tag is to be used to denote the existence of multiple timelines in the story. These timelines are anticipated to intersect at some point throughout plot progression.

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The tag is to be added solely AFTER the official release of the drama CD. # Acting This tag is to be used when the protagonist is an actor/actress. This tag can be used to each describe the occupation in addition to the setting. Romance A story in this genre focus closely on the romantic relationship between two or more individuals. Fantasy Anything that includes, however not restricted to, magic, dream world, and fairy tales.

Different from the Time Travel tag, this tag is to be used ONLY when both the time traces get equal, or adequate display screen time simultaneously, or whatever format the creator employs. # Male Yandere Male Yandere is a yandere that is biologically male in gender. A yandere is a person romantically obsessive about somebody to the purpose of abnormality. In essence, literally “head over heels in love.” They usually resort to manipulative or violent means to acquire the object of their affection.


# God Protagonist The major character is a supernatural entity with sufficient personal energy to be considered omniscient. Power degree varies tremendously (from the ‘god of wind’ sort of god to the ‘one and only’ sort of god). # Betrayal This tag is to be used ONLY when the protagonist is betrayed by somebody they trust, sometimes a big character.


Needs to evaluate the security of your connection earlier than continuing. # Schemes And Conspiracies Only for use when Schemes, Conspiracies and Strategies are used as an integral part of the plot.

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# Immortals This tag is used if the novel features a character class/group of people/race that are referred to as ‘Immortals’. must evaluation the safety of your connection earlier than continuing. # Possessive Characters This tag is used if the novel options characters that, in the context of romance, wish to exert management of other person/people. The major character just isn’t required to be one for this tag for use.