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I Dont Even Treat You That Good Girl

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“Scorpion Intro” is an unreleased Drake music thought to have been the intro track for his 2018 album Scorpion. It’s most likely not going to see an official release or appear on any of Drake’s upcoming initiatives. SZA – “Babylon” Clarity is a frame of mind Freedom ain’t real, who’s sold you that lie?

While Drake and his male fans seem to be embracing the identity of a certified lover boy, the album is an ode to the poisonous masculinity that’s all too acquainted to Drake. Fabolous – “Ready” And child we do not need a mattress, no Don’t want a grasp room, need not set the mood She like, “Yeah, yeah” One touch one touch, she gon’ give me all the love She’s ready, so ready She ready, so…

“Connect” Lyrics

I ain’t buying that No matter what the… Crucify, cru-crucify me Crucify, cru-cru I cannot recall the final time I took advice… But do you want medication, do you want medication, yeah? Well, me too, me too, me too, babe, me too, me too Do you want love, do you… WZRD – “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” Gettin in from the airport, You’re gettin in from your research group, The solely thing missing at this level is bonafide chillin time with you, I can’t stand the times after I’m alone at night time and I feel… Genius is the last word supply of music data, created by students like you who share details and perception in regards to the songs and artists they love.

While heartbreak can bring about breakthroughs, it appears it’s done the other for Drake and brought on him to cling to poisonous masculinity like a child blanket. But then again, that’s simply par for the course in today’s culture. Drake’s definition of an authorized lover boy appears to be a catchall for promiscuous, shallow and heartbreaking guys. This is reflective of how Drake has introduced himself these days, and how he gloats in cajoling and then ghosting women. Rapper Drake’s latest album, “Certified Lover Boy,” has brought male followers the same empowerment and craze as Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj have introduced their feminine fanbases.

“furthest Factor” Lyrics

Maybe Drake knows that he’s coming off as a shallow, lusty jerk. Maybe Drake’s shift in angle is reflective of the cultural perspective of toxicity in relationships.

PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Her Way” Yea I see her, PX Swear I’m gone, gettin’ gone with my niggas We hit the membership, niggas cups stuffed with jealous We within the again and we muggin’ to T.I. And I’m with a bad bitch and I got an…