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Don’t Ever Do That Again Meme

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Notably, she mis-dubs the word “slag” as “slug,” a standard prevalence in movies using the sound. In the phonation observe, Panda Girl says in a threatening mode, “Don’t ever message me as quickly as again you fucking little slag,” assumedly in response to a DM criticizing her. The enterprise relationship @pandagirliscancelled and video have since been deleted, with no re-uploads having surfaced. A number of other voice notes of pandagirl.94 were also leaked, including one by which she talks a couple of stealing drawback. On January twenty first, @maryloring uploaded a video to TikTok using @bonelo99’s sound, garnering over sixteen million views in only nether a calendar month . On January 25th, TikToker @junecat8 uploaded a video post-obit the development with their true cat, garnering over 2.5 million views in a similar bridge of time .

Find the precise second in a TV show, film, or music video you wish to share. Easily transfer forward or backward to get to the right spot. We’re pretty liberal however do have a couple of guidelines on what can and cannot be shared. Every bit of Feb sixteenth, 2021, @bonelo99’south sound has been used over 60,000 occasions on TikTok. This got here at a time when a number of accounts had been accusing pandagirl.ninety four of unlawful and inappropriate action, including scamming her fans, refusing to wear a masks during COVID-xix and racially harassing an employee at a shop.

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The original sound from @pandagirliscancelled’southward video has been reuploaded to TikTok a number of times, some of which have gained significant attention. On November 26th, 2020, TikToker @DannyPicnic uploaded a video featuring @pandagirl.94 saying “do not ever message me again y’all fucking slag” remixed with “Come across Her At The Dear Parade” by Vieze Asbak, garnering over 200,000 views in three months . He after which reuploaded the video later that 24-hour interval to make data know-how a usable sound, which attracted important use till data know-how was deleted at an unknown later date. The most popular of these was uploaded on January tenth, 2021, by TikToker @bonelo99 for a lip-dub video in which she comically spins her arm behind her head as if revving upward a dial set as a lot as the sound, garnering over four.5 million views in a month .