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"For the first time in my entire career, which spans over three decades, I'm reviewing a book [Everlasting Matrimony] twice…an unbelievable keepsake. Now these are real-life experts. Talk about the school of reality. They talk frankly, honestly…about communication and sex and money and resolving arguments and kids and family and religion and hardships and it just goes on and on… forgiveness, trust, honesty, respect, compromise, humor. Normally, coffee-table books are there for decoration. This one is one, there'll be finger marks all over the whole thing because people will be reading it."

Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Dr. Laura Radio Show

"We spend so much time talking about relationships and how challenging they are. The stats are not great, 95% of us will get married, and more than 50% of us will be divorced. I have found the perfect gift for couples who believe there is such a thing as 'everlasting love' — 'Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls Of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More' decades when some people can't even get to 5 dates. This is the book version of 'When Harry Met Sally.'"

Leeza Gibbons
TV & Radio Host/Celebrity



"What I have here…It's a beautiful book that you would give as a gift. It's the perfect gift for someone who is getting married, or for an anniversary, or the best gift for a couple married 50 years or more…Sheryl tells their story of why the marriage has lasted for 50 years. This is perfect, a great shower gift, a great wedding gift, it would be a good gift for a 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary. What have we learned? What are the pearls of wisdom from these couples?...When we say to somebody who's 17 'you're too young to get married,' you can hand them this book and say almost all of these women were married at 17 and here they are in this great book. Giving this as a gift… they're never going to get another like this…And it's something they will always have and…it's a work of art."

Sally Jessy Raphaël
Former TV & Radio Host/Celebrity

"'Everlasting Matrimony'…we were impressed, so much so that we gave it to our newlywed son and daughter-in-law and our grand nephew and his new wife, who were also impressed.  Sheryl also talks the talk, spreading the word of a happy, healthy marriage to couples everywhere."

(the late) Jack LaLanne
World-renowned "Godfather of Fitness"






More Testimonials

"There is plenty of good advice in Kurland's book…"

Susan Reimer
The Baltimore Sun


"As the Rabbi of Central Florida's largest synagogue, I officiate at many weddings and am called upon to do a lot of counseling with married couples. In both these contexts I have used 'Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More' and have found it to be invaluable and inspirational. This beautiful work encourages my premarital couples to strive to create the kind of lasting and meaningful relationships that are found in the folds of this book. Over and over again they tell me that the stories inside cheer them on to work through their issues and find the level of commitment, flexibility, and joy that is reflected in 'Everlasting Matrimony'. The amazing thing about the book is that it also speaks across all generations of my congregation and is enthusiastically embraced by those from many different backgrounds."

Rabbi Steven W. Engel, M.A.H.L
Congregation of Reform Judaism
Orlando, Florida

"As a family court judge, I see far too many divorces. I intend to use your book in the speeches I give about the family court."

William K. Bell
Circuit Judge
State of Alabama

"Sheryl Kurland's 'Everlasting Matrimony' mirrors Ernest Hemingway's principle of the economy of language. In multiple, succinct, and down-to-earth profiles of couples, Kurland invites them to speak on their own. I, for one who still believes in the old adage that 'experience is the best teacher,' only wish I had been privy to the advice of the couples she features in her memorable book."

John Scolaro
Professor of Humanities
Valencia College

"We have utilized 'Everlasting Matrimony' in the following ways: pre-marital counseling; the service of recommitment of marriage relationships; kept in my study available to couples or anyone interested in inspiring stories of marriages which have survived and flourished for many years."

M. Dennis Herman
Senior Pastor
Greystone Baptist Church
Raleigh, North Carolina


"What do you get when you try to cross a wedding scrapbook, a self-help book and a cookbook? The answer…'Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls Of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More.'"

Washington Jewish Week
Washington, D.C.

"'Everlasting Matrimony' is a vital resource for couples already married, those engaged and those hoping to one day tie the knot."

Eraina Tinnin
The Rawsistaz™ Reviewers

"We love the book! Call OPRAH now…"
Mike Genco

"Your book is a treasure in my library."
Craig Horton