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"Educational, entertaining and engaging" are the keystone of Sheryl Kurland's programs, presentations and workshops. Appropriate for any profession, organization, business or corporation. Single, taken or married. Straight or gay. From youth to seniors. Everyone can benefit. Memorable props are her signature. Sheryl is available for your meeting, conference, convention, retreat, Lunch & Learn, spouse luncheon, and any type of special event.

Speaking Topics

Sheryl's most popular Speaking Topics are listed below. Each is customized to the audience, time length, and other requirements you may have. If you don't see a topic that matches your specific needs, Sheryl will be delighted to create a presentation.

For Adults

"Relationships & The Little Black Dress" (for Women)
The Little Black Dress, stilettos, handbag, and bling – What can you learn about relationships from clothing in your closet?  Sheryl Kurland will dispel the secrets of being dazzling from the inside out. Get practical tips and advice to improve your relationships in a way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

"Identity Mistaken" (for Men)
Who am I suppose to be?  Men are so overloaded with mixed signals that the world of relationships is utterly confusing and bewildering.  This program is dedicated to sorting it all out in a manner that you'll actually enjoy!  Absolutely no mirroring with your partner, journaling your feelings, or other things that make men cringe.  In “Identity Mistaken” you'll learn how to fill your relationship tool chest the manly way.

"Did You Say What I Think You Meant?"
Communication is the root of the majority of conflict in relationships – relationships with friends, family members, work associates and others.  Well-meaning words blew up in your face when the other person processed them entirely different than you intended.  A disagreement arose because, um, well you’ve never been able to quite figure that out.  Do you know that personality clashes are inevitable but a negative outcome is not?  After this presentation, you’ll have a brand new “communication toolkit” filled with things you’d never expect.

"Two Rights Make A Wrong — Argument Resolution"
An entire program is dedicated to managing the biggest challenge: Who wins the argument? Couples, family members, friends – they usually fight about the same things over and over, and shove them under the rug to explode yet again. Two Rights Make A Wrong shows how to diffuse conflict using a variety of easy-to-apply techniques.

"Truths & Myths About Lasting Relationships"
We never argue. We always kiss each other good night. Don't believe it. What's really going on behind closed doors? This program includes 10 You-Haven't Heard-These-Before Relationship Tips.


On The Job/Work Setting

"Corporate Wellness: A Win-Win For Employees & Employer"

Featured on ABC-TV World News Tonight

This Relationship Workshop for employees is based on a simple principle: If your relationship at home stinks, you bring the stink to work. Your job productivity suffers and there's a ripple effect — everyone around you suffers, including customers. The consequences are costly for any business. Employers hire Sheryl to teach employees how to improve their relationships on the home-front so they arrive at work in the best frame of mind.

“Winning The Work-Life Tug Of War”
Push and pull. Push and pull. On one end you’re an entrepreneur god/goddess, a business owner striving to gain a competitive edge, or businessperson climbing your way up the corporate ladder. On the other, you have family demands, today’s curve-ball crisis on the home-front, and a desire for “me” time. Is it possible to “win” this tug of war? Yes. Sheryl provides a variety of tools and tips to help you gain and maintain equilibrium between work obligations and life’s responsibilities.


For College Students

"What Reality TV Has Taught Us About Real Relationships"
Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Survivor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Vanderpump Rules, Real World, Rich Kids…As outrageous as reality TV shows are, they actually contain a lot of subliminal messages about how to have good relationships. In this program, we dissect reality TV to extract relationship lessons for real life.

"Relationships: Keep? Split? Quit?"
Both personal and professional success hinge on strong, positive relationships – relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, significant others, etc. The core skills it takes to create and sustain different types of relationships are covered in this program. From ways to communicate better with the opposite sex to unique ways to solve arguments once and for all to tips you've never heard before, your relationships will instantly improve. It concludes with the very lively and funny "Keep? Split? Quit?" game show challenge for everyone! 

"The Toilet Seat Dilemma: Up? Down?"
The toilet seat position - Up? Down? It's the most hotly contested battlefield in relationships.  There is a mathematical answer to this question. The quotient leads to a humorous, though-provoking presentation on how two people of any sexual orientation can achieve balance for a rewarding relationship.

"Be The Girl Everyone Wants, Not The Girl Everyone Had"
The desire to be included makes it extremely difficult for young women in today's hook-up culture. This program doesn't judge what's right or wrong. Instead, Sheryl provides tools and information that help you decide for yourself what you want and how to get it on your terms. There are  "rehearsal" moments, enabling you to try out what you've learned in preparation for "real" moments. You will leave feeling "It's okay to be me!" and feel in control of your life.

For High School Students

"Answers You Want To The Questions You're Afraid To Ask"
With their hormones in high gear, romantic experimentation out of the starting block, and peer pressure bearing down, high school students experience a lot of confusion in the area of relationships. They're stuck between no longer a child but not yet a full-grown adult. Sheryl provides information in a "rad" format (ask your high schooler what it means) to help them steer through this challenging life phase.

For Children

"Heart Strings"
"Love" is incredibly confusing through a child's eyes. Sam has a married mom and dad; Mary has four "parents," her
own and their spouses; Joey's parents are the same sex; Sue has a sibling and two step siblings; Lyla's mom is single and has a boyfriend; and Matt's single dad adopted him. Learning relationship skills early sets the foundation for lifelong success. Sheryl teaches children these skills using different kinds of "string" and props for imaginative role play and games.

Skype Sheryl Into Your Discussion

Do you belong to a mens group? Ladies group? Couples group? Newlyweds group? About-To-Be-Married group? Business group? Skype Sheryl into your get-together or meeting for an open, honest, and frank discussion on relationships.  Ask her anything!