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What is Share Love?

With one action, you can change everything for the better:  Share Love.


Share Love is a movement to take this crazy powerful thing we can't hold, see, taste, or hear and make everyone an owner. Plant little surprises, do gestures of caring, hug someone who really needs it, smile at a stranger hoping to get one back, and just say "thank you." And, pass along Share Love cards.



About Share Love

Grab 'em - Cards to Change the World!

Think about how you make a peanut butter sandwich, spreading the peanut butter perfectly across the bread. Reaching every corner, careful not to miss any spots. What if you could spread love across the globe as easily as this? You can!


By simply passing along Share Love cards you're bringing smiles, hope, and healing to others everywhere. When you get a Share Love card, take a snapshot, post your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #ShareLove.

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Who Started This?

Sheryl Kurland's expertise is rooted in real life. Her insight and knowledge on love and relationships spans generations, from college students to baby boomers to couples married for decades.


No matter what the age, we all desire to be loved. Yet, finding, creating, and keeping healthy relationships is an enormous, sometimes seemingly impossible, challenge. Sheryl spreads her wisdom through relationship programs and workshops for colleges, companies, and organizations.
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