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Sheryl Kurland - Love in 2014 Webinar


Change Your Love Life. Forever.

What costs $10? Maybe your favorite latté at Starbucks. Or a couple of rounds at happy hour. Or take-out lunch at your fave restaurant.

How about a relationship webinar that will change your love life? Forever.

"Love In 2014" is a 3-day webinar (one hour per evening), led by Sheryl Kurland, "The Relationship Insider." All of the information is based on Sheryl's interviews with hundreds of couples happily married 50 years or longer as well as her own success in her 20-plus years of marriage. There's no psycho-babble!

Whether you're single and looking, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are in
a committed relationship or married, there's something for you during
Love In 2014.

Topics to be included are:

•   Communicate better, especially with the opposite sex
•   Keep "baggage" from spoiling a relationship
•   Bring back the sizzzzzzzle
•   Stop repeating the same !#*!!! mistakes
•   Build trust and rebuild it when it's broken
•   Ways to solve 99.9% of all arguments
•   Use social media to improve your relationship
•   Fix your embarrassing love track record
•   Is this (still) Mr./Ms. Right?
•   Take your love life from pffft to fabulocity

You'll gain relationship skills and tips to instantly put into action, leading you to the love you desire. Plus you'll have fun.

$10 Covers all three -Days

*After you register be sure to click Return to The Relationship Insider
for your downloadable Love in 2014 Booklet.