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Book: Everlasting Matrimony

Please Note:

I (author Sheryl Kurland) will automatically autograph all books ordered
at this web site. If you desire, I will also write a "Personal Message" in
each book. ("Personal Message" instructions appear on the Book Order Form to the right.)

Bridal store owners, wedding planners and consultants, bookstores, other retailers and distributors desiring to order books, please contact the author directly, Sheryl Kurland, 407-786-7747 or




Book Order Form

1. Books plus Shipping & Handling
Book  $39.95 Each
Shipping & Handling* +  5.00 Per Book
Total Per Book  $44.95 Per Book
# of Books Ordering

Your book order will be mailed within 2 business days of the date of your order via USPS Media Mail. If you require expedited delivery, please leave instructions in the "Miscellaneous Instructions" box below.

*In U.S. only. For "international" shipment, Sheryl will email you
Shipping & Handling information.

2. Florida Sales Tax
Are any books being mailed to an address in Florida?
Yes No

If "yes", how many?*

*6% Florida Sales Tax will be added to these books only.              This calculates to $2.40 per book.

3. Grand Total
$ Books + Shipping & Handling

Personal Message

I will automatically autograph all books. If you would like a Personal Message written to anyone you are buying a book for (for example, "Happy 25th Anniversary, Renee and Scott!"), I will be glad to do so. Please provide Personal Message instructions in the box below.

Mailing Instructions

All books can be sent to your address or to multiple addresses. There are no additional costs to ship the books to multiple destinations. Please provide Mailing Instructions in the boxes below.

*Required Information

  Billing Address:  
  First Name *
  Last Name *
  Address *
  City *
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  Zip Code *
Phone Number *
  E-mail *
  Check one: * Send books to above address
Send books to addresses below
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  Name *
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  Zip Code*
  Shipping Address #2  
  Zip Code
  Shipping Address #3  
  Zip Code

If there are more than 3 addresses, please e-mail the information to



  Name as it appears on card *
  Credit Card *
  Card Number *
  Expiration Date * /
  Security Code (last 3 digits on signature side):*


Miscellaneous Instructions:

If you have any Miscellaneous Instructions, please write them in the box below.

Any questions?
Contact or call 407-786-7747.



Security/Privacy Policy:

To protect your personal information, we automatically use our secure server. Information is encrypted before transmission. For maximum security,
we do not store your credit card information beyond this online session.
Be assured your personal information is handled in a safe, secure and responsible manner, and it will never be shared with anyone or any
other web site.


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