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Prenuptial Agreements May Be A Premonition Of Divorce


A weddings mean "Aaaaaah, love is in the air." Or do they? Statistically, nearly half of marriages in America end in divorce. The rate of divorce for second and third marriages is even higher. Therefore, it might seem like a wise decision for couples to have a prenuptial agreement. The thought process is that a prenuptial agreement could potentially save the divorcing couple anguish, arguments, and thousands of dollars. [...] READ MORE

Romancing The Roost…From The Office

Love the one you're with. Don't be fooled into thinking that your gorgeous or handsome co-worker would be more exciting than your spouse/partner/significant other. Close your wandering eyes and spend the same mental energy focusing on how you can bring more lust into your present relationship. [...] READ MORE

10 Tips To Save Your Marriage At Midlife

"Be sure you choose someone you not only love but also will like after the first bloom has worn off," advises Helen Tipton who married her husband Ross on September 25, 1937. In many long-term marriages today, the bloom has died. In fact, midlife and later divorce has become far more prevalent than ever before, especially among the middle-age population. [...] READ MORE

bridal boot camp: Shaping up for operation everlasting matrimony

In order for victory to be achieved, soldiers endure rigorous
and extensive training prior to going into combat. Similarly, in
order for a bride and groom to achieve long-term marital
success, the two must dedicate time to preparations for their lifetime together. [...] READ MORE